direct export from China to you

Our factories produce superior home, lawn and garden products made of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware, terra cotta, stoneware metal, wood, and now polyfoam and polyresin. Our qualities range from fine antique reproductions to low end gardenware. Our ceramics factories produce fine porcelain fish bowl planters, pottery, vases, window boxes, statues, flower pots, umbrella stands, garden stools, and contract pet dishes.

Our metal factory specializes in powder coated patio decor including baker racks, innovative wheeled and hanging plant stands, fencing and edging, candle stands and other wrought iron accessories and also metal parts for your products.

We also produce custom design industrial steel wire products such as point of sale displays and specialty racks.

We can manufacture from our artists' designs or from your own exclusive design or specifications.

It is our commitment to make a superior product, manufactured with consistency, and packaged for minimum breakage. We provide competitive prices on quality products. Our packaging ranges from simple pallet packs, to divided master cartons, to individual brown boxes, to color display boxes with or without windows. We can design printed packaging or use your artwork.

Competitor or Partner? Some of our biggest clients are other manufacturers who need alternate sources or who are unable to fulfill massive orders. CHINESE PORCELAIN & ARTS PRODUCTS can be trusted to manufacture private label and store brand items according to our clients' specifications. We manufacture complete items and also parts, which is especially true of our metal factory. You will see many items, produced by our six factories, in department stores, garden centers and mass merchandisers, but which are sold under private labels or store brands. Don't bother asking who our clients are, we will not divulge them, or you, should you become our client.


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